-Professor of Business Administration

- Head of academic councils

- Former Dean of the Institute

- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taiba Educational Group

- Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Nahda University - Beni Suef (formerly)

-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Merit University - Sohag

Bachelor of Business Administration - Cairo University - 1963

MA Marketing - University of Manchester - 1966

- Ph.D. in Business Administration - University of Bradford - 1969

- Ph.D. in Education - University of Wales - 1998

Jobs and positions he held over the past 30 years

He worked as Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Head of the Department of Business Administration at Menoufia University.

He served as head of the advisory board of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration.

He worked as an advisor to the Minister of Finance.

He worked as an advisor to the Minister of Economy, Foreign and Internal Trade and the Minister of Supply.

He worked as an advisor to the Minister of Administrative Development.

He worked as a consultant for the Egyptian Export Development Center.

- Participated in the project of restructuring the executive body of the State of Kuwait.

He worked as an advisor to His Highness the Emir of Qatar.

_ Assuming leadership of the establishment of the Planning and Development Authority in the State of Qatar.

_ Assuming membership or chairing the board of directors in a number of industrial and commercial companies.

_ Became a member of the United Nations team to restructure the executive body in the State of Kuwait.

_ Oversaw the reorganization of Menoufia University.

_ Oversaw the reorganization of Qatar University.

Organizing hundreds of training courses for heads of companies and agencies, deputy ministers, and university and college professors.

_ Oversaw the reorganization of the office of the Deputy Emir of Qatar, 1988.

He became vice president of the American Society in 1988.

_ Became a member of the Scientific Committee of the Journal of Management Advances in America 1988.

The first international exhibition of Egyptian exports was organized in the Arabian Gulf in the State of Bahrain.

_ He received the shield of great educators from America twice.

He won the Shield of Education Pioneers in Egypt three times.

_ Received the Medal of the World Intellectual from America.

_ He was awarded the Medal of Achievement and the Medal of Excellence from Menoufia University.

- Written by Dr. Seddik Afifi

- State organization and national economy management book.

International Marketing Book (the first book in the Arabic library).

Petroleum Marketing Book (the first book in the Arabic library).

Effective negotiation in life and business book.

Behavioral science book.

_ Specialized book as a strategy for reforming the national economy.

_ Book of organizational behavior and Egyptian bureaucracy.

A book on managing needs in designing purchasing and warehousing systems.

Seddik Mohamed Afifi